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From humble beginnings with no money or a college degree, Bob took a dream and turned it into reality. Today, Bob Garner is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and spokesperson with a proven track record of not only empowering and inspiring the audiences of Fortune 1000 corporations, but also aiding his clients in selling millions of dollars in products and services.

Achieving financial security before the age of 40, Bob is recognized as living proof that you can turn your desires into reality and achieve abundance and prosperity in your life.

Through Bob’s unique background and real world experience, he shares with you solid business principles combined with spiritual and philosophical teachings to help you achieve your realistic goals, create financial prosperity and wealth, as well as diminish the obstacles that you may face along the way.

No airy concepts, untried strategies or RAH – RAH promises. What Bob shares with you will be the same information that he shares with Fortune 1000 corporations, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, worldwide.

Speaker for Fortune 1000 Companies:

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“I WANT TO BE ALONE” Why You Need Some “Me Time”
March 28, 2014

Great Garbo uttered that famous line in the 1932 classic, “Grand Hotel.”  It’s a great line that, I’m sure, she said to herself many times in her real life, when Continue Reading →

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Achieve your goals • Diminish fear • Worry and stress • Overcome obstacles and challenges • Defeat negativity • Conquer other's negativity • Become a successful entrepreneur • Start • Grow and maintain a business • Realize your definition of abundance and prosperity • Incorporate visualization • affirmations and the Law of Attraction • Build a business • Create profitable websites • Utilize SEO to gain traffic • Become an expert • Turn ideas into a profitable business • Unleash the power of podcasts and videos • Get healthy and fit • Increase your financial prosperity • Heighten your spiritual connection • Use your new abundance to help others • Become a better speaker • Become a paid professional speaker • Tap into the corporate speaking market • Become a published author • Get paid to write articles and more...